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New air con units with R32 technology, supply & installed by

Bay Air Electrical.

Bay Air Electrical is excited and having great success when installing the MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC AP SERIES – a new series with R32 technology that delivers improved energy efficiency.

The new series of units feature the R32 refrigerant technology, which increases energy efficiency. This model improves upon its closest equivalent (R410A) with a third of its global warming potential.

Mitsubishi Electric Australia has introduced the new AP series of air conditioners, with innovation built-in to provide fast and exceptionally quiet units to Australian homes.

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Air conditioning installation in Carindale

Beating the heat is the name of the game, and the best way to win it is with a new air conditioner purchased from Bay Air Electrical, your local experts for air conditioning in Carindale.

Why air conditioning is so important

In recent years, the south of Queensland has been experiencing extreme heat waves. The alarming news is that scientists are predicting future heat waves will be even more intense, being hotter and lasting for a longer duration.

Without air conditioning, these heat waves will be not just terrible, but could actually be terrifying. Why? Because they could very well kill you.

Heat stroke is no joke

It’s strange to think that an air conditioner could save a life, but it absolutely can do just that. The biggest threat from those intense heat waves is heat stroke, and of all the ways to go, this one is especially nasty.

It only takes a change of around 3° C to trigger the onset of heat stroke, and it could happen even earlier. Unlike a fever, which can also be fatal, heat stroke occurs due to external heat raising the body temperature too high.

Heat waves in Queensland can be quite dangerous because the high humidity makes it so much more difficult to get cool. This is where an air conditioner can save your life. Air conditioners cool the air, and they also dry it, helping to eliminate humidity and make the interior climate of your home comfortable.

There are other risks too

Apart from the major killer, which is heat stroke, there are other dangers that pose a threat as well. These include dehydration, damage to your home due to mould and fungus growth caused by humidity, and various types of respiratory ailments that can be triggered when air gets too hot.

Heat is also a danger to pets

It’s not only humans that suffer during a heat wave. Animals feel the effects too, and in fact, it can be even more dangerous for some animals because they can’t regulate their body temperature as well as we can.

All these risks are completely avoidable

You absolutely don’t need to suffer through any of these nightmarish conditions. It really is as simple as having an air conditioner installed in your home, and this will then give you mastery over the temperature inside your home.

The importance of only buying from reputable sellers

You shouldn’t buy an air conditioner from just anyone. It’s not like air conditioners are cheap. You should be just as cautious and sensible when buying an air conditioner as you would be when buying any other big ticket item such as a car or boat.

There are always going to be scammers out there waiting to take advantage. One of the recent scams that has surfaced is people selling fake air conditioners. If you become a victim of this scam, it can really hurt, and the worst part is you may not even know you got scammed until it’s already too late to do anything about it.

Bay Air Electrical is a name you can trust

We are a family run business that has been trading since 2009. In that time, we have installed thousands of air conditioners throughout the local area, and we’ve earned a solid reputation for excellence.

Buying from us means buying safely, and it also means getting great value and top quality customer support. Get your air conditioner from Bay Air Electrical and help keep your home and family safe this summer.

Bay Air Electrical services Redlands and Brisbane Bayside, including Capalaba, Cleveland, Redland Bay, Wellington Point, Alexandra Hills, Thornlands, Carindale, Shailer Park, Daisy Hill, Mount Cotton, Springwood, Sunnybank and Wynnum.

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Ducted Air Conditioning Redlands

Change your look with our electricians

create a new feel to your home Inexpensively.

We can upgrade the look of your home, by installing some of the new look light switches with backlit led, or remote control your lights with your iPhone.

USB power points to cease those arguments over lost chargers.

By simply changing a light fitting or modern air conditioner can considerably change the feel of a room, why not give us a call and get that new look.

                                            OUR ELECTRICIANS SERVE REDLAND BAY, CARINDALE,


  Located to the south of Brisbane in Victoria Point, we offer air conditioning repairs and installation services to Redland             Bay, Coorparoo, Carindale, Capalaba, Alexandra Hills, Cleveland, Coomera, Gold Coast and the surrounding region. With an emphasis on delivering a prompt, reliable   service, you can trust an electrician from Brisbane’s Bay Air Electrical to complete each and every job to a high standard of workmanship!

                                                      To obtain a quote on anything in our wide range of services, contact us today on 0419 997 042.

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