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Advantages of Split System Air Conditioning

Low cost: Split systems are smaller and therefore have a lower start-up cost. They generally have lower running costs too – providing it is only used for a smaller rooms or space. For a small price increase we can supply units that have five star efficiency ratings.

Easy installation:  As there is no duct work to install, the units are easy to set up and get started.

Disadvantages of Split System Air Conditioning

Bad for large spaces: If you have a large house then a split system isn’t as efficient. You may need more than one split system unit to cool/heat your entire house.

Not discreet: A split system will sit on the wall of a room, so for those clients who don’t want something that stands out on the wall then ducted is the better option.

Advantages of Ducted Air Conditioning

Discreet: Unlike a split system, ducted air is very discreet. The ducts are in the roof and blend in well with the ceiling. The control panel is usually a flat panel (similar to a home alarm) that is in the wall. Better cooling options: Allows reverse cycle so you can cool and heat your home. There is also better climate control and air flow using a ducted system.

Allows zoning: You can have set zones in your house so that you don’t have to heat every room in your house. This allows you to efficiently run your system with only the most used rooms in the house – or you can run it throughout the entire house if you wish.

Disadvantages of Ducted Air Conditioning

Costly: To install ducted air conditioning you are looking at a larger investment compared to the split system. This is due to the complexity of the system. Higher running costs: Usually as you are running a larger system the ongoing running costs of ducted air will be larger. However, if your home is larger it would be more efficient to have ducted as it can do whole house heating/cooling.

Six Best Tips

1. Ensure an Efficient System :   There are a number of problems with your AC that can cause it to operate inefficiently. When it’s operating inefficiently it will work harder to maintain your comfort level, which means you’ll be spending more on your power bill. Get a minor service twice a year to make sure it’s operating at maximum capacity.

2. Change Your Filters:    An air filter that’s clogged inhibits airflow and places stress on your AC. clean your filters and your bills will be less expensive than trying to operate a system with restricted air flow. When your filter is clogged, dirt and dust may back up into your ductwork causing further inefficiency.

3. Turn it Up:    Even a two degree adjustment on your thermostat can lead to lower AC bills, so turn the temp up slightly and pay less.

4. Close the Blinds:    The sun warms things up nicely, which is great for cooler climates. In Queensland, particularly if your home receives lots of afternoon sun, you’ll want to close the blinds. If the sun warms up the area of the room where your thermostat is, it can cause a false reading that is warmer than the actual room. This causes your AC to go on more often than is needed. Keep things darker and they’ll be cooler. If you can’t stand that closed up feeling, opt for screens or window films that can intercept as much as 70% of the energy before it enters – and warms up – your home.

5. Go for the Insulation:     Ideally you want to keep the cool air in and the warm air out. If your house if not well insulated, all of your cool air is dissipating into the environment. Check your windows and the seals around them, and also the quality of the insulation in your home. If your home is over five years old, it could require additional insulation.

6. Create Shade:     Planting shade trees outside of your west-facing windows can help keep things cooler in your home. Shading your AC can save you up to 10% on your electric bill. However, be careful that these plants do not block critical airflow around the Ac System. Heating and air conditioning costs contribute to about 43% of your monthly electricity bill. Use these energy-saving measures to save on air conditioning bills and make sure your system is working efficiently. Call Bay Air Electrical today to schedule a check-up.

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