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South east Queensland certainly knows how to turn up the heat come spring and summer.

If ceiling fans no longer cut it – or your current air con unit is on the blink – the experts at Bay Air Electrical can provide you with a brand new split system unit or ducted system that meets your specific requirements.

Which type of air con system works best?

If you are planning to have an air conditioner installed, you have two main options: ducted or split system.

Split systems are an individual unit designed to cool a single room. With a much lower start-up cost, they are quick and easy to install. Ideally suited to smaller spaces, we have modern units that feature 5-star energy efficiency ratings – which is great for both the environment and your bank balance.

If you are trying to cool larger spaces – such as an open-plan living area – these smaller units can struggle and may not deliver the best in efficiency. For larger spaces, ducted systems are often a better option as they can have outlets installed throughout the house. These outlets sit flush with your ceilings and are therefore very discreet.

Ultimately, the type of system you choose depends on the space in question. Our experienced electricians can discuss your needs and even take a look at your home in order to determine which option is best suited.

We offer air conditioning repairs for Brisbane and Redland Bay

Alongside air con installation, we also offer repairs. If your current system isn’t working properly, our expert technicians can take a look and diagnose the problem. Whether it’s an electrical issue, leaking refrigerant or sensor problems, we will determine the issue and provide you with a repair quote; if it’s beyond repair, we can install a new system if you wish.

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